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Monday, May 7, 2012

So today I really learned a lot about my self. I don't say a lot of necessarily negative things to my children, however I do ask a lot of questions and tell my children what to do a lot. What do you all think? Is it negative? It sure feels negative a lot of the time. Here are some examples. Why did you do that? What should you be doing? What do you need to do? This side you did really well but make sure you get the tape really tight on the other side. Where does that go? What do you do first? Get your list. Get your homework? Where is your backpack? You need to take a shower, scrub each body part listed, then dry off and put lotion on. Is this just being a parent or is it nagging and negative? I sometimes feel like this is what I spend my whole day doing especially with my younger one. I sometimes feel like I am always telling people what to do and it doesn't help being a special ed teacher because I spend all day telling my students and my para-educators what to do to. Should I lessen up on the constant instruction? I have tremendously on my seventh grader and we do a lot more talking now, but the first grader as I say it's pretty much nonstop. I guess some questions to ask myself would be Am I impatient and do I over react? Do I even give me kids a chance to do right before instructing them? Do I use the same hierarchy of prompts I use at school? or do I skip a few and go right to the verbal prompts? My prayer for my kids this day is that they would know the creator's love and have a deeper and closer relationship with him! That they might forgive my shortcomings and share his love.

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