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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shaking and Moving

Wow today's been full of excitement! So exciting that the ground just won't stop shaking! :) There has been 8+ earthquakes ranging from 5.2-6.6. The kids slept through the first 5 and then some tonight they have felt. It's a bit funny I have been asking everybody all day, did you feel that and it's small stuff for them. It has been raining all afternoon too. We seem to get a lot of moisture here. I purchased a car and signed a contract that was all written in Japanese. I am buying a 1996 CRV with 25000 KLM Yes you read that right about 15,000 Miles. You'll be amazed when I show you pics, it still looks new. So here in Japan they have a smog thing called JCI they check absolutely everything and it has to be in great running order or the dealership must fix it. So every 2 years you must do this. The air is extremely clean here. Then also I have to pay Road tax and insurance. They gave me a loaner car until they finish this. So I drove today(excuse the language) I typically do not like to have my A$$ on the line, but today I kept repeating it in my head so I didn't kill us all. It worked pretty well but now I have a broken record in my head. I only drove on the wrong side of the road once pulling into the Commissary and when a car started driving towards me I said shoot that's Roma's behind on the line and pulled over to the other side. He smiled as I drove by. Thank goodness most everyone on the base has been in my shoes before

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