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Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Interesting and fun things I love about Japan

The Japanese windows have screens built into them. So you open the window and then pull the screen out of the window casing to close.

The Japanese put on the label or on the price sign where all things are from. What region, Now I just need to learn to read Japanese.

Japanese speak in Japanese to you like they think you understand them and smile.

Japanese are very organized in the way they clean up and take care of trash.

Japanese are very honest you don't get a white person tax here.

Potty Talk
Ok first I have to say I love having a warmed up toilet seat in the middle of a cold night.

I Like the idea of washing your behind every time you use it with warm water.

In the bathrooms at some restaurants they have music on the Toilets that makes white noise if you need it.

Some potties have the flush as a button on the ground that you step on.

I like how the toilet and Bathing room is separate. They have whole bathing rooms that have a shower and a drain in the bottom of the floor. All walls are covered with tile or plastic. It's an easy clean.


Anonymous said...

I love the white noise potties! Good to hear from you again!

altan alır said...
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Laura said...

Yes they are great! Blogger used to email when someone comments I wonder what happen to that feature