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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Wow we have been in Japan 10 days now and what a great place it is
The move all happened extremely quickly. I had an interview, 3 or so days later got offered a job, within 2 weeks of the job offer I was on a plane thanks to my wonderful friends and family who are taking care of getting my house moved and ready to rent. The kids have adapted extremely fast to life here, I have to tell you Air force families are about the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. The Japanese are very kind and humble people as well.
How has Roma liked it?
She absolutely loves the fact that she is in High School. Yes that is correct 7th grade is High school here.
She is learning to be black :) She says "I have been white for the first 12 years of my life now it's time I learned to be black." (She cracks me up)
She loves the freedom of being able to walk just about anywhere on base and be safe. (don't worry she's been warned where she'll get taken down and have M16's pointed at her head.
She loves shopping at the BX "It's better than Walmart"
How does E like it?
He loves his new friends!
He likes being at school with mom and boy does it make things easier.
He likes umbrellas and walking in the rain,
He loves the retired jets parked outside our hotel.
He loves meeting new people and having a whole new group to talk to (nonstop)
He loves all the men and women in uniform
He loves rice and fish
What mom likes?
The people are so friendly. People just jump at the chance to help newcomers.
The diversity (I can't pick out my kiddos so easily anymore. In fact I yelled at a poor little kid thinking he was E in another teachers room)
The country side it reminds me of like a small town on the Oregon or Washington coast.
I love that people in the towns tolerate me not speaking Japanese and Communicating even though they don't speak English.
I love the weather so far.

Interesting things
At the end of the work day the American and Japanese anthems are played. People hide out in the office or their car, cause if you are outside you must stand at attention or with your hand over your heart until both are done. It's hilarious to watch and AFN actually has some commercials to discourage people from being bums.

Used cars like 12-20 years old are sold for high prices but have extremely love mileage like below 20000 miles.

Houses are heated with kerosene

Japanese toilets are located on the ground and you must squat.

Hi is used by everyone English and Japanese and does not mean hello.

There are at least 7 different types of rice.

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