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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend brings some news

Well we have had an eventful end of the week. On Friday we celebrated Pioneer day (Utah Day). Roma had a parade in the AM with her cousin. I forced her to get up and fed her (yes spoon fed) breakfast, her screaming the whole time. As she got up ate and walked on the parade she got some energy going and did much better. Then we had a neighborhood bash that my neighbors across the street put on every year. It was as fun as ever. I really enjoy it because I get to socialize with my neighbors and get to know them better. It is a huge deal almost all the neighbors come out and the had pools and one of those big bounce house water slides, They have pie eating contest and much more. I was excited to share the news and pic of little brother and get the neighbors involved in both the quilt and donations to take over. It was funny we have two little brown babies in our neighborhood they both are about 2. Both babies were totally interested in little brothers pic. The one kept kissing it, it was very adorable. So anyway after the paty I checked my e-mail and low and behold I had an e-mail from the agency. No court papers yet, but another lab report. On the lab report it listed him as 6. This is actually kind of good in the way of school. With him in 1st grade I won't need to find daycare. My school shares a fence line with the kids school and they will just walk over after school. I am going to see though if I can get the principle to allow him to go to K half the day and first the other. That way he'll get the basic stuff they teach in K and have the social of peers the same age.Kindergarten is much better set up for ESL students also with all the visual. His labs came back also and those were pretty good. One level suggested he might of been dehydrated. My next question to get answered is do they have plenty of fresh clean water at the orphanage. If not what can I do about it? Then Sat. morning I went garage saling and found a few more things for brothers room and Roma a few things. Then we went to see Imagine that and took one of Roma's friends. It was cute but not as cute as Game Plan. After that we went to that friends house and roasted marshmellows and hot dogs. So we just had a very nice weekend and I think it did a lot of good in Roma's healing process. Now it's off to church.

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