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Monday, July 27, 2009


So i have collected quite a few donations to take to Ethiopia. I've collected Jeans of all sizes and Barratt Bobcat tees. I figure I will have at least 3 50lb boxes of clothes. Well I have a great friend who offered to send them using her discount. So I called to price today and it will cost $350 that is with the 75% discount. So now I need to do some fundraising to earn shipping money. So if anyone would like to donate please let me know. Roma started football practice today. She did good she held her own. She was a little shy about knocking down the other players but she held her ground and not a single boy could get her off balance. It looked like there were about 50 kids, so next week I think they'll split it into an A and B team. Since this is her first year she'll probably be on the B team but we'll see. She came home wiped out but good.

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