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Monday, June 29, 2009


McLane Layton of EACH (Equality for Adopted Children), has introduced a new bill to Congress which will change the citizenship status of our foreign born adopted children. This would mean, among other things, that our children would not be subject to rules placed upon immigrants to the United States. It would mean no TB testing, no HIV waiver, no sputum testing, and no re-adoption in the United States. Once the child is legally adopted in his/her birth country, he/she will automatically become a US citizen with the same rights as a native born child, including becoming President of the United States.

Please show your support for McLane Layton and EACH by joining EACH (if you haven't already) and by being prepared to call, write, petition, and blog in order to help get this legislation passed. Also, read about the other Acts that EACH is involved in helping to get passed.

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