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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I saw God Today

I'm gonna try something new, a friend of mine does a theme song for each post. I thought it was fun so I have no shame and am gonna still here idea. Today's Theme song is "I saw God today"
I have to tell you about the awesomeness of God. I went to a retirement party tonight and had wonderful good food and great conversation. (a lot of which was about little brother of course.) I saw lots of people who I haven't seen in a good long time, but let me tell you about the first person I saw. A friend of mine who has been crippled (I don't like that word but it fits) by a horrible degenerative disease who had been in a wheelchair for 12 year and whose body worsen every year. A few years ago she adopted her grand children and has struggled to care for them physically. She was walking!!!!!! and looked about 20year younger!!!!! It was amazing. No Doctor did this, she was told she would worsen and worsen until she died and one night God just touched her and healed her. She now has the energy to chase after her new little ones. Our God is an awesome God!!!! I can't help but wonder if another friend of mine, who was hurt in an auto accident and is paralized has seen this. Really this was the tip of the iceberg I witnessed other miracles today too.

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