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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The woes of waiting toooo long for a child.

So I am not a very good waiter. I hate to wait for things. I'm getting better at it as I get older, but I do a lot better when I at least have a time line. So when I wait I get anxious. When I get anxious I shop. So this weekend I went and bought this. At least I spent money on things that are useful. It's Awesome!!! My yard used to take me three hours to mow. It is this incredibly thick and beautiful lawn, that literally grows at least 10 inches in 7 days. I swear you could watch it grow if you looked close enough. Now with this baby it will take maybe 30 minutes to mow the whole lawn. I'm so excited that maybe this year I can keep my lawn from becoming a forest. It's kinda funny though. I got it and I could not start it for the life of me. So I ask my neighbor if I could borrow her husband and both guys Her husband and the next door neighbor come right over to help. They get it going and get playing with it and mow my whole side yard. They then offer to come and edge my lawn this weekend. I tell you I couldn't of moved to a better neighborhood. When they get done playing they teach me. It's like learning to drive a car all over again. It has a really sensitive clutch. So I did a lot of jump starting and stopping. Anyway this is going to make it so much easier to mow care for the lawn, maybe I'll actually start liking to do it. Oh and Roma's so relieved to not have to help mow the beast any longer. She'll stick to grandma's lawn that maybe takes an hour to do.

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Jennifer said...

Wow, you're mowing in style. I'd be done with my lawn in, oh...5 minutes!