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Saturday, May 16, 2009


This week we went fishing with our kiddos at school. We had a great time thanks to the forest service and Home Depot. Smokey the Bear was there and lots of great people to help us put bait on the hooks and reel in the fish. They also gutted them and put them on ice for us. Some of the parents didn't want the kids bringing home the fish, so I for the first time ever cooked fish. It turned out pretty good except I forgot to add salt to the breading. Did you know that if you cook it with it's head on it lays down better, you can get the bones out easier and you get to freak out your kids :)


adventures north said...

Hooray for the fishing! That's awesome that you got to bring your class on this trip!

Laura said...

Yeah it's awesome they do it for special needs kids in the whole county. It's always great fun.