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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Babies Babies and more Babies

I went to a birthday party for one of my students yesterday he turned 5. For my little guys each birthday is a huge celebration of life, as many of my students have been told by doctors they'd never make it to that point. Which I wonder how true would that be for our little kiddo's we are adopting? The Survival rate to even make it to five is pretty grim. Anyway we had a great time. There were so many babies and toddlers my heart really aches for a match for me. There was this one little guy with dark big eyes and long soft curls in his dark hair. I held my students little sister half the night and she was so cheerful and happy and cute . Roma is so funny she tries to be all serious about the little ones, and she somehow always gets them laughing at her and then she begins to laugh too. I offered to take home some of the kids, but no one took me up on it. They all seemed to kinda like having a baby around. When will it be my turn??? I'm hoping as the Wacap house clears out that more referrals will be made. We have a couple parents going this week to pick up their kids. Maybe????


adventures north said...

We're doing our best to get over to clear a spot for you!

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking any day now!!!!

Laura said...

LOL I know you guys are probably as crazy as I am wondering when you'll be able to get your kids home.