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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Children of Hope

I picked up a book today while out at the thrift shop. Called Children of hope be touched, be inspired , be changed. It is about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. I have to tell you, I was not touched, inspired or changed by it. Maybe I'm a little ignorant or maybe everything that I have read thus far in other books and on Web sites etc... has been about Ethiopia which may be different. This book was about how most of the orphans in Africa are AIDS orphans in all senses including that they are HIV+ or have AIDS. It also goes on to say that they acquired the disease through horrible violence of Rape, and Incest or through the sex trade. They talked about the horrible stigma of HIV and the effects it has on the families. This I believe to be true however I feel this book just adds to it. It of course blamed the US christian evangelicals (in particular) for standing by and doing nothing. It said only 3% after being asked would they donate to a cause that supports AIDS orphans in Africa said yes. I have a hard time believing that. They also asked for money for there cause which did not include HIV education, or helping families stay together. They even included an envelope to send them money in. After reading this it just made me sick. I was hoping for a book that accurately described the situation there that I could share with my (extended) family to help them see the same vision that I have. There was a little good out of it though, it did have a few excerpts from There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Green. Which did touch me and help me decide to buy that book. I have read so many inspiring things lately about young people doing extraordinary things for this cause that I would much sooner donate there than to this big organization who tries to guilt people into helping. Sorry for the rant and if I am being ignorant please enlighten me.
PS If you read back in my blog you'll see a place where I passed court. Scrolling through blogs today, I found the person who really did pass court and they are bringing there little one home soon. So congratulations to them.

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