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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Faya Orphanage

My heart was so touched as I read the blog of the Faya . (wow I learned something new how to do a link) This is the second organization in which I have learned about that God has called to go and they have followed. They left all their worldly possessions behind or gave all to serve these children and families. We read about this in the bible and we read about how people couldn't do it in the bible but in today's world you seldom see it. This is the other site that their family did the same. I encourage you to go to these sites and read their blogs of the incredible work that is taking place because they listened to the call of God on their life.

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Jennifer said...

Faya is an awesome, awesome orphanage. The children get so much love! Fields of Promise sounds live such a grea organization. I hope WACAP is going to be working with them!