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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The process

So we are in the home study portion of the adoption. I sent in my applications to Wasatch International Adoptions for the home study and WACAP adoption agency for the adoption August 25th. I decided to go with Wasatch because my friend who teaches adoption classes and is really out there in the adoption world had heard several recommendations for them and I had one friend have a really good experience with them. I chose WACAP because of the work that they do for special needs kids and the great subsidies they offer for waiting children. Being a single mom I can't imagine any way to afford over about $10,000 for total expenses and WACAP makes that possible. I recieved the first home study packet Friday September 5th. This is what they asked for.
Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Death Certificates
Previous years Tax and W2's
Letter of good standing from all employers
Physicians Exam of all adults and children in the home
Proof of Health insurance for your prospective child
4 reference letters
BCI - criminal check application and fingerprints
So these are the items I'm working on collecting now. I am trying to get 3 copies of everything, 1 for the home study, 1 for the adoption ageny, and 1 for my file in case anyone loses anything. Every thing should be certified or on letterhead from the company.

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