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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yeah It's the Weekend

It's finally the weekend. This has been a long week at work, probably because I've been doing so much outside of work. I've been trying to gather all the info for the home study and it's amazing the offices are open the same time I'm at work basically. Being a teacher I have the same days off that everyone else has too. Despite that I have been able to gather a lot of documents. I'm waiting for a doctors appointment for Roma on Monday. I had to resend for my birth certificates because they decided the application needed to be notarized. Then I'm waiting on my Principal's letter saying I'm in good standing. Not to bad. It looks like it's taking USCIS about 4-5 months to process their paperwork so I should be in pretty good shape if they schedule the actual home part of the home study as soon as I get the paperwork in. I'm really hoping if all works out perfectly that everything will work out to travel in May or June that way I'll have freedom as far as how long to stay .(as I have summers off) I would really like to spend at least a week volunteering at AHOPE a orphanage for children with HIV. Also I would like to stay at least a few days in Rome. If we fly Ethiopian airways that is where they stop to refuel. For Roma's namesake she has to check out the city she was named after. Also if any possible way I'd like to take Roma to Nigeria (as she's 1/2 Nigerian) I'm not sure that will be possible due to violence and the cost. Speaking of Roma, She kicked a 40 foot goal at her soccer game this last week. She is awesome!!!! Her coach asked when I was going to sign her up for the NFL. If she could just get her team mates to wait on the other side of the field she has such powerful legs that she could steal and kick the ball to the other side of the field every time. She loves sports and can't wait to have a brother teach.

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