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Friday, May 11, 2012

Day5 recap

Well I got the three things that drive my daughter crazy 1.When I use Google to help her with her homework, Moms are supposed to know everything. 2. When I don't give her a ride to school. 3. When her little brother get's too many spankings. El hasn't been able to come up with any yet. So I let her know it's not important to know everything just where to find the answers. The ride to school isn't going to change. What does bother me a bit is that it drives her crazy when her brother get's spanked. Something for me to consider. Is it just that she has a tender heart, or is that I need to consider when I spank him is it the best consequence? Something to think on definitely. OK so get this El gives me his three. I hate it when you use the timer, when I tell he needs to hurry and when I tell him how if he doesn't be responsible and do what he's supposed to do he get's to go to Japanese school. Well within the next 5 minutes I do all three. Ouch! I couldn't stop myself. Wow. God has a lot of work to do on me.

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