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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter in Japan

Well we have been here 41/2 months now. I decided for Christmas it would be fun to do a Christmas ornament that represented where we were stationed. We were able to make it home for Christmas in the nic of time by a miracle of God. He provided a plane especially for us. Space A travel is tough and when you don't get the space cost you almost as much as flying commercial even if you only miss it one direction. Thank God we have a God and a job that provided the money. My dad was quite ill and it was good to see him and see how much progress he made in just the short time we were there. It was good to spend the holidays with friends and family. We were able to report that there prayers were working and we had settled in to our new home well. In fact after about a week in a half I was already ready to go back home and get back to work. The kids pretended like they wanted to stay in Utah but once on the plane were ready to see our friends and be back home. We just really love it here. I signed my letter of intent this week saying I'll stay for another year. What we love about here, is the peace both in our hearts and in the city. In my 41/2 months I have met one Japanese who was rude and he was probably just having a bad day. Even though we don't speak the Language the Japanese still treat us with great respect and kindness. I Love our church small, but loves God's word and loves to fellowship and love on people. I love that we are a typical family here no one could identify us by our races or family make up or even how long we've been here. The diversity is beautiful here. I love that I am not over involved and feeling stressed that I need to help here, the kids do to do this there etc. I love and hate at the same time how much freedom Roma has here. She is able to go and do and things are much safer here, but my little girl is growing up. There is a wide range of activities to do here for all ages but I don't feel stressed that we have to do everything. I do much better I think at doing family activities and spending quality time with the Family. We are much closer and the kids are much more obedient and learning to be more respectful as the Military community requires it. Being far away I have learned too I have no choice but to rely and trust in God and that has led to more peace and less stress in my life. Snow in the winter, there is lots of it. It's beautiful when it's not on the streets or you can stay home all cuddled up snug as a bug in a rug looking out at it. There is our update.


Happiness said...

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The Kolb Family said...

I enjoyed reading your blog! can you tell me how do you stick the origami cranes into the ornament!!