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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First day of school

Today was E's first day of school. It was supposed to be yesterday but he got sick. Today we didn't say anything him about going to school until we got there. When we got there he held his seat belt and had to be dragged into school. He made it through the day and his class was very excited to have him there. So even though last week that is all he wanted to do this week was another story, He was very nervous when it came down too it. He did well all though he asked for food and cars all day. Just like everything else he'll learn what to expect and then will love it. Tomorrow is day two we'll see how it goes.

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Jennifer said...

The unknown IS very scary; maybe now that he knows what it's like he'll be more ready to go. And now he knows you will pick him up; that may have been a worry, too.