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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

I was given this blog award by Jenny at Journey raising my little ones. Thankyou Jenny you are so sweet. Jenny is a wonderful single mom who adopted little 4 year old twins from Ethiopia. She has been very supportive in my Journey as she seemed to go through alot of the same long delays that I have had. Jenny is so down to earth and has wonderful advice to help you keep going.

These are the blog award "rules."
1. Thank the person who awarded me the award, and link that person's blog on my blog.
2. Identify seven things about myself.
3. Award seven bloggers with the "Kreativ Blogger Award," post links to their blogs, and leave a comment on each of their blogs, to let them know of the honor. I don't really know what a "Kreativ blogger" is, so you can just give it to whoever you like!

Seven things about myself
1) I love to travel, my favorite place so far is Costa Rica.
2)I am a special need preschool teacher. I have also taught 1st grade, 4-6 resource and could teach Prek through 12th grade special Education. and 1-8 regular ed.
3) I visited or lived in 32 states.
4) I am the only non Mormon in a family of generations of Mormons
5) On that same note I am a Born Again Christian that lives in Utah of all places.
6) I have a Masters in Special Education with an emphasis on Autism, but I don't have the personality to teach an Autism Unit. (I'm not that structured)
7) I love thrift shopping.

Here are the 7 bloggers I am giving this award to:
1) Ethiopian triple land These are the cutest dang triplets I have ever seen.
2) My twins This is another single mom who is awesome. Her blog is all pics and movies.
3) Mamushsky World Headquarters Another wonderful blog of family who has 1 boy from Ethiopia and is working on baby #2
4) Fermemberwhen Another great blog She is now waiting for a referral.
5)Daniel Grows Watch this little boy grow he's adorable.
6) Noah's Journey HomeThis is a great blog about a family who adopted a 7 year old
7) Another Espresso Please This blog always has great info about Ethiopia and so much more.


coffeemom said...

Gosh, thanks for this. Who'da thunk it?? TOo funny and I appreciate it! Heck I appreciate any and everyone who stops by or remembers my it took me a few days, as it's been a nutso week, but I do want to say thank you officially and I love your blog too. I don't "surf" as much as I used to, my time has been claimed but I love the ET adoption community!

Laura said...

Sure your blog is great and your kiddo's too