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Friday, July 3, 2009


Today my friend Jenny got the news she get's to pick up her twins. She has been waiting 10 months since she first learned about her girls. I am so excited for her!! If you click on her name you can read her story. She also is so kind to take a care package over to little brother when she's over there. I so hope he is there when she gets there, so she can give him some extra loving. I guess I got that care package done just in time. It was packed tight. I kept finding just 1 more thing. Roma and I both wrote him a letter. Hopefully someone will be able to translate them and they will be comforting to him. It was good to sit down and write that, I did not realize how emotional of a process that would be.
Congratulations Jenny and thank you
Oh theme song for this post is celebrate.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you, Laura!!!! I SO hope he is there so I can love on him. Your turn, soon!