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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All done

The surgery is done and we are home about 28 hours after surgery. So much for outpatient surgery. The surgery went well The Doc said her tonsils and atnoids were huge. For the most part the Nurses and technician were fabulous. Explaining each detail of every thing they were doing and checking on us frequently. But one was horrible and insesitive. Roma got out of surgery and kept her stats up while she was fully awake. But every time she would relax her O2 would drop and by drop I mean to 69-72. So the first nurse put her on O2 so she could rest. Then that nurse went to lunch and we got the lazy nurse. The first thing she did was take the O2 off which was OK to see if she could keep her stats up. Well No Roma would watch the stat moniter and when her O2 would fall with prompting and soon without she would take deep breaths and get it back up. But every time she would relax her stats would fall and the beeper would go off and remind her to breathe. Well this nurse let this go on from 11:30-4:30 and never gave her O2 and tried to discharge her 3 times. SHe said this is just her normal sleep pattern only thing is you don't have this thing (she couldn't even use proper names for things) to watch her levels. Luckily I work with special needs kids and I have dealt with pulseO2 moniters and no what normal ranges are as she kept reducing the # for the alarm until she had it at 80 Crazy!!. Also I have my own team of nurses at the school who I called several times yesterday. They are life savers literally. about three they said you need to demand to talk to the Anestiologist. Which I went to the station and did and the other nurses asked what was going on and said the anestiologist was gone but that my daughter needed to be observed overnight and they would get her nurse to call the doc and get those orders in. So the nurse comes back after taking her time and says I guess we'll try her on O2 for an hour and let her sleep and if after that she doesn't keep her stats up I'll call the doctor. Well she didn't even after a good sleep. They finally checked her in and we spent the night. We'll by time she was ready to fall asleep about 11PM as the medicine gave her tons of energy instead of putting her to sleep. Her stats were good heart rate a little low but nothing to worry about. It ended up that it just took a long time for the anestia or morphine to wear off. The Nurses in the pediatric unit were great too. It is to bad that 1 employee can make the whole establishment look bad. Well we got home about 10 AM this morning, fed the dog, had the cable guy come and fix the tv and went to take a nap. Next thing I know my parents are yelling in my door anyone home. It was only 5:30 PM. So we got some good rest.


Kerri said...

Darn that one stupid nurse! Glad Roma's okay and you're home.

Laura said...