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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trusting in God

So currently There is buzz all around saying that Ethiopia is going to be closed to all singles. Some agencies have had restrictions put on them of only 3-10 single being allowed to adopt. Our agency has not yet. Many singles are in a panic over this. Amazingly I have the peace of God with me. This journey is like none other that I've taken. I have put control completely in God's hands. It's God's deal and I have really had no anxiety over anything. Sure I've been frustrated when it takes to long to get something done, But I am not trying to control the situation. I am not trying to scheme around things that are being put into place. I am just doing the paperwork I need to do and letting God take care of the rest. I guess I never realized how little stress you have when you truely hand it all over to God. I mean it all. Not trying to control anything It's really awesome I should really do that more often in all areas of my life. God's awesome

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