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Sunday, February 17, 2013

S is for Sapporo

It was absolutely freezing dress warm and learn how to properly wear a scarf.  You'll need it!
 These Girls were amazing!  You would of thought they'd be frozen, but they were troopers performing  in the freezing cold wind and snow. This was a replica of the Hoheikan Historical Guest House, famous for being the oldest wooden western style hotel in Japan.
  The most famous attraction of the Sapporo Snow Festival, the enormous snow sculptures.Standing at over 15 meters high (50 feet) was a snow sculpture titled, “Ise Jingu: A Modern Legend.” This sculpture features scenes from Ise Jingu, which is said to be Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrine.
Taiwan’s Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.
Each large snow sculpture also doubled as a stage.

Anpanman! Part sweet bean bread, part superhero! A beloved childhood character for many people in Japan.

 USA's Entry
 Thailand's Entry
 So I took the ITT trip.  It was 3 days getting back on the 4th day at 6 AM.   It included the Ferry ride,
 This is the room for singles.  doubles and quads have ocean view and tv.
 This is the Ferry
 It also included Saporro Beer Garden all you can eat and drink.  If your drinking anything with alcohol that's not beer there is basically no alcohol in it, not even a hint of a taste.  So order straight shots if you want alcohol or enjoy the soda.
 This is walking to the Beer Garden
 The trip also includes a tour to Otaru which has an amazing music box shop built in the early 1900's
You can also watch  people blowing glass

I also took a short subway ride to the zoo.  It was small but fun!

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