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Saturday, January 26, 2013

D is for Daiso

 This is the 100 yen store.   I now understand why my sister in law Midori was so interested in the dollar stores when she came to the USA.  Diaso is so opposite of American Dollar stores though.  It has good quality stuff for 100 yen.  You can find all kinds of stuff.  Toys, tools Makeup, food, dishes etc...  The best thing though is it seems to be good quality not just junk.   We love it.  By the way if you live in Seattle they have Diaso at the mall there.
1. Go out the POL  go straight until you get to Universe, make a right.
2.  Drive a while until you get to McDonalds make a left
3.  Drive past the Bunny store until you get to a light with Lawsons  on the left turn left
4.  Go past Sanwado  and it will be the next big shopping center on the right.  There is a grocery store, an eyeglass place and a lottery booth.  Look for the building pictured on the top. As you turn into the parking lot it is at the far left.

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