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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

B is for Beaches

The Beaches in Japan are beautiful clean water beaches.  This may be one of my favorite parts of living in Japan. We are about 7 minutes from the beach.  I love to drive up and down the coast and stop where ever, driving through the trees and finding beautiful beaches everywhere.  Nothing can cure your blues like the ocean. We have had a couple first at the beach.  Right after returning from the states, we went swimming at the beach about an hour away.  I totally forgot I had my brand new glasses on and we went out in the water and spent hours in the awesome waves.  A rough wave tumbled me under and I totally lost my glasses.  You wouldn't think that would be a problem, except I am blind without glasses!  Thank goodness our friends were with us at the beach.  They had to drive us home.  Our other first was building a snowman on the beach.  That is totally wrong!  Beaches should be warm and tropical, but that is Misawa for you.

Directions to Shirahama Beach in Hachinohe featured below

Another popular beach is Ship Wreck Beach.  We have been there but it was late April  and it still had way to much snow.  At least 4 ft that we would of had to walk through.

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