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Sunday, January 20, 2013

ABC's of Japan

OK so I just saw a blog listed in ABC's of where someone had traveled.  It got me thinking, why not start an ABC's thread of the things I am seeing in Japan.  So look forward to that.  I will do a separate entry for each letter.  As I post each one I will come back to this post and fill them in.
A is for Aomori
B is for beaches
C is for Cherry Blossoms
D is for Diaso
E is Eating
F is for Festivals
G is for Garlic Festival
H is for Hachinohe
I is for Inakadate  Rice patties
J is for Jinja
K is for Kimonos
L is for Lake Ogawara
M is for Mount Fuji
N is for Nuclear reactors

O is for Oirase Gorge
P is for planes
Q is for quakes
R is rice
S is for Sapporo
T is for toilets
U is for Umbrella's
V is for Veedol Beach
W is for the wild horses
X is for Xaiver Frances

Y is for Yen
Z is for Zenkoji Temple

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