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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Traveling with 2

As a single parent I have always enjoyed traveling and have quite a bit with my daughter. This however was our first big trip with two kids out of the country. Two kids have raised my anxiety level a bit especially knowing that E would likely go or do what ever any adult asked him to. He also is not apt to stick to my side naturally like Roma does. So prior to our trip was the first time ever I have been concerned and had anxiety about traveling. I'll walk you through the trip thus far.
First plane ride.

We had 5 big checked bags (we brought some donations). Handling that many bags is tough even with a cart and a strong 12 year old. Little carry on rolly bag is to much for a seven year old to be in charge of.

If you are single do bring your proof of sole custody (for me an adoption Decree and Divorce Decree) or permission from other parent, they do check.
Make sure your passports are in good condition. (if not some foreign goverments will not allow you in their country.

Red eye is great!!! because the kids sleep and sleep and sleep.

TACA is a good airline, better than Delta not as good as Jet Blue or Emirites.

The guys at the airport continue and grab your bags all the way out to where you catch the bus. You may as well let them take them right out the door because your gonna pay a tip regardless and that way you can keep ahold of your son so he doesn't go try to flag down his own Taxi

Money and credit cards should be kept in three different place. Luckily for me I did this. all 3 of my cards were placed in different strategic places. One card was stolen/lost, but my other two are fine.

Convenience sometimes wins to cost, it wasn't worth it to me to walk several blocks in the capitol city to eat, although slightly high we just ate at the hotel Cafe.

With two I did not take local transportation when traveling with all my bags, it just was not worth the risk. Instead I hired a private Driver. Shop around for prices and look at reviews. They stop any time you ask.

A pool is a must!

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