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Thursday, July 22, 2010

It is a small small world

It is really interesting to see how small this world is. This last week I interviewed for a job. I would really like to be in the same school as my boy so I can make sure he is getting the education he needs and so I can be a support to his teacher both in resources and following through on what she/he is teaching him at school. This really oppurtune job came up and a former student of mine's grandmother was able to recommend me for the position. The school is an awesome school in my neighborhood with an amazing staff. So I interview for the position and even got called back for a second interview and then find out how many people we all have in common. 1st my nephew had the principal as his A.L.L. teacher a few years back, Then my neighbor across the street took the vice principals old job and worked with him last year. Then my neighbor across the street the other way is like good buds with him. He also was looking at a house across the street from me to buy. Imagine that having your vice principal living across the street from you. Could be good, could be bad(they would see the uncut,untamed version of me). The good thing is if I get the job, my initial impression seems to correct, they are all great, reliable, helpful, nice wonderful, smart people. Just a simple reminder too, you never know who knows the people you come in contact with. That is one of the interesting things about Facebook. You get to see the friends you have in common. It's a good thing I am nice to my neighbors and hopefully have made a good impression on them. So I guess the whole point in this post is, the world is small, make sure you don't spend your time complaining and that you build relationships with everyone you meet because in the end, you can all be a support to one another. I feel like God's trying to teach me something this week. Look how your daughter is willing to give it all are you? How are your building relationship skills? Are you uplifting and helpful or are you the one always looking to be uplifted? Are you real, is what you portray who you really are? As I thought about those things and thought about my neighbors, I thought you know I'm pretty sure they would have good things to say about me except maybe she takes 3 days to mow her lawn and clean it up and oh you should see what see wears to work in the yard. Have I spent the time really to build relationships with my neighbors, to really know them and let them know me? What has happened to those days of really knowing your neighbors? The thing I can say is these two neighbors are the two in the neighborhood I know the best. I need to be more proactive in my neighborhood spending time getting to know people. I get so many grand ideas of how to do that but I need to follow through on them and start with the simple things.

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