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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Talking Talking Talking

Oh my goodness E or actually L is what we call him, is talking up a storm. I have lost track of how many words he has now. He can say just about everything now days though. It was kinda funny last night though. We were were going to the store and were pulling in the parking lot and he keeps saying no sh... people over and over again. Roma and I are just baffled as where he picked up this naughty word and why he was saying it. ( I have to admit we were busting up laughing too.) To which he was not very happy "no funny guys, no funny guys" So anyway we were trying to understand what he was saying and why??? Ends up he was saying no shoot people. He thought we were getting a movie and he didn't want one that had shooting. This kids although he pretends alot with guns, made from everything he is terrified of shooting noises. We just took a trip to Cali and went to Disneyland and the first ride we went on was pirates. It terrified him I thought his heart was going to jump out of his body, poor little guy. I like yo ho yo ho no mom. He did however love Buzz moochoo (lightyear) and utopia (driving cars) He also liked the characters and train. Overall he was a pretty good traveler. He did get sick going down the canyon road however. "mom Makelle same same" I'm pretty sure the road from his home town to addis must of had canyons. The other kids who rode the bus with him said he got sick on that trip too. He also had his first trip to the big water (ocean). he loved the sand but not the water so much. He also loved flying a kite a friend had bought the kids. Had it not been for the portable DVD player this kid I think would have talked my ear off the whole trip.

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