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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow what an experience!!!

Meeting Elias was amazing! Shortly after arriving in Addis we were able to meet Elias. We were picked up from the hotel and went on a short ride to the transition house. We pulled in a gated walled compound with a small house in front. There were four families that had arrived slightly early. We all exited the van and went into the house where all our children awaited. Upon entering the house Elias recognized us immediately and flashed us one of those million dollar smiles. Children were handed out to there perspective parents and finely Ato Teklu told Elias it was OK to go to us. He gave me a great big hug and leaned over and kissed his sister. He took great pride in the care package we had sent and pulled out some of the toys to play with. He put the sun glasses and hats on each of us and loved the cars. We were able to play for a few hours with him. He was very loving and kind to the babies who were having a tough time with all the new faces. He would go over and give toys and try and help them to be happy. We had sent a thing of mini M&M's which he still had half full from Christmas. He graciously shared them with everyone and thought it was pretty cool how he never ran out as Roma kept secretly refilling it. (or was it like Jesus and the fishes?) He was very animated had had us crawling all over the ground playing cars. He loved the camera and all the pics we were taking. He and Roma had an immediate connection and he placed Roma in the big sister role immediately as he placed her in charge of keeping his bag safe. It was a great first meeting.
more to come later.

Ethiopia was awesome! It was so wonderful to go and see everyone in action. Any fears that I may have had about anything happening there were completely cleared up when I saw with my own eyes the professionalism and diligence of all those working to get my son home.


Jennifer said...

What a great experience! I hope Elias is settling in and doing well at home. It's such a big adjustment. He sure sounds like one sweet little guy!

Laura said...

He's doing great!!