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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing Elias Alvord

Today I hit a monumental post in my adoption Journey!!! I passed court Elias (el E us) is officially Roma's little brother and my little boy!!!! It feels so good to be at this point. It has taken so long and I am glad that NOW was finally God's timing. Now time to get busy and ready to go. We most likely will leave either Feb. 18 or Feb. 25th.


jmatec21 said...

Congrats!! It was a long journey but you will have your handsome little guy home soon!

jen d'andrea said...

hi laura --

i wanted to let you know i met elias when i was in ethiopia last month. what a wonderful, joyous, special little guy he is. someone called him a "smile factory," and that was a perfect description. he is also a little "GAP kid" -- very handsome and stylish and well-dressed all the time. he truly is a remarkable little guy -- i know you will treasure and adore him.


jen in CT

Laura said...

Thanks Guys! :)