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Monday, November 30, 2009


First of all I had to get a new passport for Roma even though it doesn't expire until the end of March. Ethiopia requires the passport to have 6 mo on it. Then I call to set up appointment at Lehi post office. If you need a passport do not go to the Lehi Post office. Both parents must be present. She only has 1 parent I have court order testifying I have sole custody. They won't process it they will not send it unless both parents are present.
Are you the passport office? No just set the appointments ok just set the appointment and I'll take my chances. Blah blah blah blah blah. Monday at 3:30 great yes I do want the appointment and no 2 parents won't be there.
Get there I stand by the side of the lady who sells stamps and when she finish with her customer ask her where the passport office is she tells me it's not my turn to wait in line and then she'll answer my question. I wait in line and then she tells me it is the last lady at the counter. I wait for 20 minutes while this lady finish doing what ever and then the same thing as the lady on the phone, Give her court order have to read to her where it says I have sole custody. Then her next deal was can't send it without a birth certificate. I am giving you her valid passport. Show her in the paperwork where it says passport is the only ID needed. She tells me that’s only for adults. I call fed passport office to verify come back by my original appointment time (waited for her to finish post office work) said they verified only need valid passport. She says sorry passport office is closed now I can't process your application. I say you will process my app. She says sorry. I said get your manager now. She said he's not here I start become loud and say someone get me in touch now with the postmaster. She finally says fine I'll do it. Do you have the B.C? No as I told you I don't need it, well I cant process it. Your job is to verify the info and send this not to process the app. Now verify the info and send it. She finally did it but then says she can't take a credit card even though the web site says the can charges me more then the correct processing fee and for a money order. I will drive to Provo next time I need a passport.

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