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Sunday, August 30, 2009


SO life has been a little crazy. I bought a new memory card and my card reader won't read it. My computer with all my home and work stuff crashed. My oldest nephew married a beautiful sweet girl in hot and humid Texas. We found another cool children's museum that rates right up there with Costa Rica's children's museum and a health museum that's so cool in Houston. I got new pics of my boy who is still the cutest sweetest little 5 or 6 year old ever. The person from the orphanage is going in a few weeks and promises videos and tons more pictures. Pictures make the waiting so much easier. I Got a new quilt square from my aunt who came up for my nephews open house. Oh and school started. New kids, new behaviors, new sickness few kids surgery fewer kids and that about sums it up! Now lets see how long it takes to post this on my ancient computer.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about all the computer issues. Computers are vital!! New pics?? Yay!!! What a nice surprise. Stay'll keep you out of trouble!