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Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinking of Grandma

Ok you can tell Roma is not home. I'm on the computer way to much. I don't write post for weeks and then 2 a day. Tonight I was making fajiatas for dinner tonight and while I was cooking I was flooded with a memory of making enchiladas with grandma one summer in her tiny little house in Nyssa Oregon. Her Enchiladas were the best and she was just so patient with me. After we were finished with dinner we went over to pick rasberries for a night time snack with icecream. She always ran us a bath and made sure the water was the perfect tempature and that we had nice soft towels. Then she would tuck us in to bed and kiss us goodnight. Thank God for Grandmas!!! My Mom is a wonderful grandma , She takes the girls Roma and my neice once a week and cooks with them and spoils them rotten. They love it! She puts up with the craziness and loudness of two young girls. You'll Know what I'm talking about if you have girls the excitement of being with your cousin. She even lets them spend the night sometimes. Thanks mom for being such a great grandma

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