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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy was it worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!

So the day has finally come. The waiting to know who my child is . I got a referral for the most adorable, most precious 5 year old boy you could ever imagine. He has the sweetest smile and amazingly he looks a lot like Roma. As you can imagine we are ecstatic at our house. I waited a bit to get the paperwork and make it official before posting, so let me tell you about it. Roma had left for her grandma day, they went swimming and were going to be gone all day. I had just went down stairs to put the laundry in and the phone rang. By time I got to the phone it was too late. Marla left a message to call back at my convenience. I of course called back right away. She introduced herself and said she was the family finders coordinator and because of the age I was looking for she would be the one working with me. (OK OK that's great but when will I ever get a referral??? ) She she goes on to explain her role and (I'm feeling like this is nice of her to call but could you give me hope that referrals might come soon?) Then after at least 7 minutes she tells me now actually I have one more thing to talk to you about. This is actually kinda of an exciting call. She then goes on to tell me about this sweet sweet little 5 year old. I ask all kinds of questions and learned a lot about our little guy. Then I ask can I get a picture? She says they will be in the mail tonight. I ask is there not one you can e-mail? She finally agrees to e-mail me one. Then I remember my Internet is down! Oh no I race across town to my parents and get on their first computer it won't go online, so I get their laptop and it finally does connect. But No e-mail. I e-mail her back and for some reason my one e-mails not working. so she sends it to the other. I get the pic but because my other e-mail a free one it doesn't want to open. Finally it opens and there he is!!!!!! The most precious sweet little boy. It was love at first site.


Kerri said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

Jennifer said...

SOOO worth the wait! The perfect boy for your little family. Roma must be in heaven! Congratulations! Now, on to preparations!!!

adventures north said...

I'm so happy for you! What a long wait, but can you imagine it going any other way now that you've found each other??


Laura said...

Thanks everybody