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Thursday, April 2, 2009

More coldness

We'll winter has not gone yet. It was cold and snowy today again. I froze to death at Roma's Soccer game on Tuesday. We are sure hoping for spring soon. It has been a strange season the last couple weeks, weather wise and life wise. I have just been particularly moody. I guess I had hope for spring and now its cold again. I'm just a sunny southern CA girl. It just seems like winter last longer and longer. We are such the travelers too. It's hard to be in Limbo. I so wish we'd be traveling to Ethiopia this summer, but have no idea if we will. Yet I don't dare plan anything else because I don't know if we will. I did splurge and spend my tax return on a spring trip. We'll go to San Diego and there better be Sun. Most people pray for rain. I pray for sun.

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Jennifer said...

Laura, I hope you will be traveling this summer! It is so hard to wait. I waited 4 months for my referral of the girls and it was awful. Always waiting for that one phone call. I think it's going to happen for you soon!