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Friday, March 27, 2009

Our coordinators back!!!

So our Ethiopian Adoption coordinator returned home today from Ethiopia. She brought lots of news.
They visited WACAP House and saw 30 children that are currently waiting for their parents to pick them up after court dates.
They traveled to Bahir Dar, and stayed near Lake Tana and met with officials and partners from Bete Hitsanet Mahiber Orphanage. The work that Bete Hitsanet has been doing has gone well and new projects are on the horizon. They spent time with the officials in the region as well as Bete Hitsanet staff. They visited a sponsor family who were very appreciative of the help they received.
They visit Operation Rescue. This is a community-based child care program that has historically focused 100% on keeping children with their families while offering ongoing support and education to children of nearly all ages. Recently however, needs have increased and adoption for older children ages 6-14 has become more necessary. WACAP has been asked to partner with Operation Rescue Ethiopia and offer them ongoing support while recruiting families for these children.
In Addis, They met with representatives of Ethiopian Airlines to potentially establish a relationship where they might be able to help adoptive parents get better rates on airfare!
They visited AHOPE seeing the 5 children that are waiting for their Wacap Parents
They visited FAYA, a very small orphanage in Nazaret (3 hours south of Addis). They are currently licensed to care for up to 15 children and find that they often have to refer children to other locations due to lack of space. The managers are a brother/sister pair and have a very clear love for the children they care for. They have about 6 nannies who work as volunteers! Although a very small home, their work is huge!

Also, on a very sad note, ] Haregewoin Teferra has passed away. She is the highlighted figure of the book, There is No Me Without You. It is sad to hear this news. For those of you who have not read the book or know about her life, she was a very important figure to the care of destitute children in Addis. She is an amazing woman and one the world will sorely miss.

So most of all out of this trip I hope she has found some children and that referrals will be coming soon :)

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