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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today is just a great day. I have a friend who is helping me put in wood floors!!! Yeah!!!! They have been setting in my house since the summer when I bought them on sale of course and now it's reality they will be in soon. I pulled out the carpet and nail board last night and as I type my friend is diligently working to put them in. By time little brother gets here they will be done. Yeah!!!!

Also I wanted to tell you all about a group called Field of promises. They are much like Wacap. Their focus is to take care of the children of Ethiopia. They have many children mostly 5-14 who are beautiful and in need of homes. Send an e-mail at the site and they will give you a password to view these children. They also look very happy. If you know of anyone looking for older children please refer them.

And last but not least, Roma's Birthday party is Monday. I can't believe my baby will be 10. Time flies so fast. So it will be 24 ten year old's with of course the theme of High School Musical. We have to go out today and get the cake ordered and stuff for the games and the movie. I write ho it goes and maybe even post some pics about how it goes Monday night.

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