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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry I'm a little slow at responding to this but tagged me about a month ago. She is waiting for her twins from Ethiopia. please check out her blog. Ok so I'm supposed to list 5 addictions I have.

1. My computer - I am lost without my computer. I just can't function I do everything on it. It drives me crazy to when I leave my power cord at home or school. Then I only have about 21/2 hrs power if it was fully charged.

2. My Vita mix The best purchase of a kitchen item I ever made. MMMM smoothies

3. Thrift stores I just like Jennifer love deals. I have been known to make awesome deals especially finding stuff for my classroom, and for my girl. I love to save money. When I move my house has to be somewhere near a thrift store. If you need to know where a thrift store is just ask. My sister and I enjoy spending our saturdays traveling from thrift store to thrift store.

4. My daughter when she is gone for the night I have a heck of a time sleeping.

5. Money I'm a little addicted and possessive with money I like to spend it the way I want. I would have trouble being married again and having a husband who wanted to control the money.

So I am tagging
Julie @ Waiting for a referral
Cindy @ Adopted triplets from Ethiopia
C @ has 2 home from Ethiopia
Daisy @ Has 2 home from Ethiopia
Kim @ Has 2 home from Ethiopia

Have fun

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