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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I received my I171H today. That means I am officially approved to bring up to 2 children into this country from Ethiopia. It also means as soon as my Agency gets the paperwork I will officially be on the waiting list. The time get's closer and closer to Roma getting her little brother. I can't wait to meet him, to know who he is. How our life will change. It has been the two of us for almost 10 year. Stuck at the hip, always together. Roma and I. What will two be like? Will the way we are change? Thoughts to ponder.


Kerri said...


Jennifer said...

Congrats! The way things are moving at WACAP, you will have your little boy before you know it!! Roma must be excited!

Laura said...

Jenny and Kerri
thanks we are both way excited. It could be any day now that we here who he will be.