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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow the start of a new year is already here. This last year was actually quite a good year. God has really shown his awesomeness to me. I have had to learn (still learning) to wait on him and trust him and he will just amaze me. We started the year going to Spain to visit Grandma and Grandpa. That was such a neat experience to go and walk in places that were 1000's of years old. Really cool to walk through castles and see all the art work. My favorite piece of art was this painting of a girl who was sitting in a window that looked so 3d like she was actually there, and it was painted I think in 60 AD.
In March I sold my Teacher next door house and made a good profit so I was able to put almost half down on my new house in a smaller town, closer to my work. We love our house and neighborhood now and we are much closer to church, work and family. Roma has made many friends who are good innocent children. A different life than the "big city". We also got a new dog when we moved a beautiful Golden Retriever named Miss Molly. She is a great addition and very loving although still quite the puppy.

During the summer, we had a chance to go to CA and watch my nephew graduate (we actually had 3 nephews graduate this year, it will be interesting to see where there life's take them.) and visit the beach as well as friends and family. We also went to an African heritage camp that was really great for both myself and Roma. We met all kinds of families with white parents and African or biracial children and learned about different issues that we don't automatically think of. Roma really enjoyed being with about 100 kids that looked like her. It was really a great support. This is also where I decided for sure that I wanted to adopt a child and give Roma a sibling. Hence this blog came along. Roma also was able to play with her cousin all summer now that we are so close. And Grandma and Grandpa got home from Spain. Although we thoroughly enjoyed visiting them there we are sure glad to have them back.

After our wonderful summer vacation ended Roma started fourth grade and I went back to work. Our principal who had been there for 15 years retired during the summer, so it was back to a new principal. As anyone who is a teacher knows adjusting to the transition of a new principal is no easy thing. I think there is something about me, every school (4 in all) I have been at the principal has retired. Am I that hard on principals? LOL So as far as work it has been quite the challenge, but God is teaching me to trust in him and that even if this is not were I will stay he has it all worked out and me and my family will be not only fine, but great.

Roma has really enjoyed sports this year. She played Soccer, Softball, Flag football, and is now getting ready for Basketball my favorite. In soccer she kicked a 40 yard goal. Her teacher says Roma is a great writer, that she is very detailed in her writing. She is a great girl. She is a good student and very helpful to mom around the house. She is growing up so fast. She loves to sing and is in choir at school. She has a beautiful voice. Her little cousin is teaching her to play the piano too.

Well I guess that brings us to Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas. Our hearts were really touched by the goodness of people and how during this time of financial uncertainty and hardship
people are willing to give to those who have less than them. We were also blessed by the celebration of Christ birth and all he has done for us with friends and family. I have to say we were also financially blessed as this Christmas at our house it sure didn't look like we were in a recession. God has also used the time for healing in my body. I slipped at work and hurt my back, but somebody prayed for me and I was healed the next morning. I believe he is also healing another health issue that I have had since I was a teenager. I have not personally experienced God's touch in this way before and it's awesome. I feel like he is preparing me for something and I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but it will be good. We just got back from visiting my Grandma down south were it is warm. It was really a nice visit. She has Alzheimer's or maybe Dementia and she was basically living in the time she was a child but if you listened and gave her enough processing time she was making since. Often times she talks in things that are not even words. We do have some fun memories though. One time She was telling Roma how beautiful the spoons (meaning braids) in her hair were. When Roma was about 5 and would wear her old Navy shirt she would ask her if her husband was in the Navy too. You just have to get some joy out of the fun things she says. She has been living with this disease for over ten years. I love her very much but often wander why she is still hanging on.

Anyway that brings us to here and now. A hope for a new year. What will this year bring? A new child? An experience in a new land? A new job or learning to stay and work through the trials at the same job?

My goals for the new year
To become a better parent
to listen more
to become more discipline in bible study with my daughter
to listen to the whispering of God and look to him for answers not to people
OK and the never ending Goal of exercise and better health
Well I think that's it my longest blog yet.

Happy New Year all, may this year bring to you a joy and peace like you have never had in your life before.

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