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Monday, December 22, 2008

God's Awesome

I just wanted to share Gods amazing grace. I am a
teacher and every year with my class I try to do something to help
someone. Well this year so many needs came to my attention but none
really felt right. So I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday one of my
parents came in and was telling me about how her husband lost his Job
and how they have 7 kiddo's. God just spoke right
away to me that this was the family. I'm like God how am I going to
pull this off? I just got this overwhelming feeling Your not I am.
In the matter of 2 days from 7 families many of who are in need
themselves We have close to $1000 worth off stuff for this family. God
can do so much more than we can ever imagine when we trust him and
guess what even when we don't have complete faith but still say ok God
tell me what to do. I am still plugging away in my Ethiopian adoption
even though I'm single and it may close down. I don't know the way
God's been showing his awesomeness to me I just can see something
happening where there is no question that the only reason I was able
to adopt from there is because God did it.

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