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Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's been a while since I last posted. As far as the adoption I am still waiting for the home study to come back. I have pretty much everything ready to be sent and notarized. I am probably going to go ahead and send my I600 - the home study in Monday and just send the home study when it gets here. Who knows how long that will take. When I talked to the country coordinator last week she said that I would be the only one waiting for a single child right now although I know of at least 1 other who is getting her stuff notarized right now from the yahoo groups. So other than that life's been crazy I helped plan two different Halloween /harvest carnivals and now they are done Yeah. Roma's football season is over and we have until Jan before basketball starts. Roma really played well and made a lot of improvement through her season. I tell you she is sure a lot more athletic than I am. Anyway that's what's up here.

Also for those of you who have not decided who to vote for check out this web site. You vote on several issues and then it tells you who you are most aligned with in your views

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