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Friday, October 17, 2008


Please take a look at this blog (it's link is listed on the side) (I don't know how to insert links yet) if you are considering giving while in Ethiopia. It talks about maybe looking at the off the path places as you will see even more need than the typical places people give to. The two places she speaks of will just break your heart to see the need. As this woman talks about the great poverty that she witnessed that wasn't necessarily expected I wonder what will be the best way to prepare my 9 year old for this when we go. It's important to me that she is not sheltered but has a knowledge of what goes on around the world. It is my hope that by letting her see and participate in helping people in these type of situations that she will grow to have love and compassion for the people around her and that she'll be able to share the hope of Jesus with them. If you have any good ideas please share.

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-C said...

Just stopping by from Habeshahouse to say Hi! Thanks so much for posting a link to my blog. I will be keeping up with you and I wish you good luck with your adoption. It is an amazing and exciting journey.
Now I am going to read the rest of your blog :)